Our goal

Our goal is to monitor the telephony heritage of the telephone district of Rotterdam. This is a unique collection compared with the rest of the Netherlands because Rotterdam is the only district in Ericsson’s telephone system and the rest of the Netherlands used the Bell system. We have many unique pieces that may not be costly but irreplaceable.

Only 16 working old telephone exchanges can be seen in our museum, our museum is known among the true collectors to Australia.

A second goal is to give 25 retired men and women between the ages of 63 and 91 a weekly opportunity to practice their hobby: “Old Telephony of the Telephone District of Rotterdam”. That the social contacts between the volunteers are as relevant as the technique is clear.

All staff and former KPN employee associations are covered by Staff Associations KPN. The museum is under the responsibility of the Association of Old Employees KPN Region Rotterdam (VOMKPN RR) and all volunteers are also members of this association.

The museum is located in a still-employed telephone exchange in Rotterdam North, more and more of the engineering museums are part of the building. As KPN strives to reject as many buildings as possible, the existence of the museum depends on it. When we have to leave the building, that probably means the end of this unique museum. That is why the museum is now the only way out. Acquire some familiarity with the possibility of obtaining support from government and municipal or sympathizers in the event of a sale of the building. The museum is therefore also co-founder of the Telecom Heritage Netherlands Foundation (sTEN http://www.telecomerfgoed.nl), which aims to save collections of museums in difficulty.

Within the VOMKPNRR there is also a very driven Activities commision. During the year, many activities are organized by them. These planned activities are also visited very well and to full satisfaction. On Thursday July 14 2016 there was a surprise tour of the beautiful Rotterdam with the guidance of our guides John and Klaus Oordt. One of the participants has made a nice presentation of appropriate music. Click on the link below to view the presentation.

Surprise surprise Rotterdam

Two of our volunteer museums have also made pictures and placed them in a picasa album. These are of course also visible to you through the link below. If this link does not respond immediately, click on the “Open this content in a new window” line

More photos Rotterdam trip surprise

Wednesday, October 19, 2016, our association (where the museum is a part of) had the annual meeting day. Some pictures have also been taken. Click below to view the photos.

Meeting Day VOMKPNRR 19-10-2016

On Saturday, 14-01-2017, our association (where the museum is a part of) had the new year’s reception. Some pictures have also been taken. Click below to view the photos

New Year’s Reception VOMKPNRR 14-01-2017