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Dear visitor,

Very nice and you want to visit our museum.

As stated, our museum is open for you every Tuesday and you can enter without prior notice. No entry fee is therefore required.

If you want to visit us on a different day then that is also possible, and then our guide (s) will come to the museum. The entry fee is then € 4.00 pp. We also say that the number of visitors knows the minimum of 8 people, so that our income is around € 32.00.

We understand very well if you would like to come on another day but do not have a group of 8 people. That is why we have planned a number of dates for a tour. You will find these data below, because we are not part of the museum year card, the entrance fee is € 4.00 pp. These costs are only meant as expenses for the guides you are guiding.

We are still planning dates.

You can choose a date in the registration form. To complete the remaining information, you can sign up for a tour. Do not forget to specify the number of people you want to visit us. After your application, we will contact you within two days and inform you further.

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